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We Will Lose Libraries to COVID-19

Your local public library is likely tied, inextricably, to your local economy. Most public libraries in the United States are paid for by some combination of sales and property tax. As spending halts, so does financial support for the library. We’re already seeing sweeping cuts to local administrations, laying off or furloughing hundreds of workers, library workers along with them. This isn’t false hype or hysteria. It’s happening. It will get worse.

Why I Became a Librarian: K.C. Boyd

I love libraries. It’s a love that began when I was in preschool and continues to this day. My love of listening to and reading stories dates back to my early childhood in suburban Chicago.

Why I Became a Librarian: Kenny Nero Jr.

Why I Became a Librarian: Lindsay Hall

Libraries are radical places. If someone, say a politician, were to propose that society invest its money in creating organizations where people could access information in books, the internet, newspapers, they would be met with questioning looks. Or a place where people can go to meet together or work independently.

Why I Became a Librarian: Nijma Esad

I became a librarian because, as an awkward, introverted youth, books were my safe space.  I was raised by old people, so connecting to people my age has always been difficult. I found in books the connections I couldn't make in real life. In college, you're asked the question, "what would you do if money was no issue." My answer 

Why I Became a Librarian: Sherri Jones

I’ve wanted to be in education as long as I can remember.  My mother, a retired Special Education teacher, was adamant that I was not going into the field. In her mind, I could do something more noble than she.  I had so many opportunities that she did not have, and she wanted me to have the world.

Library Resources when (Newly) Working From Home

While many Americans normally work from home, they have been joined in recent weeks by millions of additional folks who are now telecommuting due to safety restrictions and lockdowns related to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether you are brand new to the world of remote work or if you’ve telecommuted for years, your local public library can help you stay productive during this challenging period.

Ten Ways to Be Super-Productive While at Home with (Digital) Help From the Library

Social distancing or isolation because of COVID-19 shouldn’t mean boredom. Public libraries have long provided a fantastic assortment of online and digital resources for people who are going to be at home for a while.

State Libraries Stand in the Social Distancing Gap

As families across the country are challenged by social distancing and voluntary isolation in the face of COVID-19, libraries are helping to fill the entertainment, education, information, and inquiry gaps. While you may already think of your local library as a resource for digital and online resources, we want to encourage you to also check out the amazing resources from your state library too. 

11 Library Hacks for Riding Out the Coronavirus

Are you or your family under self-quarantine or lockdown due to the Coronavirus? Or has your employer asked you to work from home? With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization lots of people are stuck at home waiting. So what can you do during that time once you’re tired of binge-watching shows or you’ve read all the way through your pile of books? You may not know it, but your local public library offers all sorts of online services to help get you through your extended homestay — and it is all completely free of charge.