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School Libraries Empower Students

School libraries are the buzzing hub of a school learning environment. That excitement around learning does not start and stop when the school bells ring. More and more, school librarians are offering programming before school, during lunch, after school, and during summer breaks to maximize the opportunity to reach all students and to meet their unique educational needs. Here are some of the great programs offered in school libraries across the nation.

Report: The Connection Between Crime and Illiteracy is Clear!

It is a common refrain that a lack of access to education is one of the major contributing factors to incarceration in the United States. What is not as commonly discussed is the direct impact that reading and literacy skills specifically have on levels of incarceration and crime rates and the impact that library funding has on decreasing crime rates in our communities.

The Return on Investment From Your Public Library is Unbelievable

Wise investors know a good deal when they see it, which is why so many people who are smart and rich love their public library. It’s simple, really, if you consider what the average U.S. household pays for library services (~$7.50/month) and put that next to a public library’s vast offerings, the point is obvious. For under ten dollars you get thousands of books, music, movies, wholesome activities for kids, very expensive market research databases, and a much, much more.

Launch a Facebook Fundraiser on December 3rd (Giving Tuesday)

Help us give the gift of literacy in 2020 by launching a Facebook fundraiser that helps us support libraries throughout the year.

Start Your Business at the Library!

Are you one of those people who spend all day at your current job dreaming about running your own business? You have a surefire product or service idea… but it’s just an idea. Normal people don’t just start a company, right? And besides, who would even know where to start?

Well, did you know that thousands of Americans start very profitable businesses with the help of their local library?

Why Libraries 2020?

Libraries 2020 is a national campaign to build support for local libraries in order to help them keep their doors open. But how does a national campaign and fundraising for EveryLibrary benefit local libraries like yours?

The High Cost of Illiteracy

Did you know that illiteracy costs the United States billions of dollars every single year?

Approximately 32 million adults in the United States can’t read, according to the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 50 percent of U.S. adults can’t read a book written at an eighth-grade level.

7 Things The Federal Government Funds at Your Local Library

While most library funding comes from local sources, the Federal government supplies critical funds for some things the local community couldn’t provide on its own. Here’s a short list of seven specific services that Federal money supports for your library.