Our Campaign History

EveryLibrary is proud to have supported over 100 library campaigns across the country at no charge to the library or the Ballot Committee. Read more about our campaign history here.

EveryLibrary is proud to support library campaigns across the country at no charge to the library or the Ballot Committee. Your donations from across the country allow us to go to work helping local libraries keep their doors open and continue to serve their communities.

is unique in our ability to work with the staff and elected/appointed leadership of libraries on planning and executing effective Information Only campaigns as well as being able to actively engage local ballot committees and citizen groups in advising and consulting on Get Out the Vote and voter engagement for the library measure. Since our founding in late 2012, EveryLibrary has provided pro-bono support to 109 library communities at the ballot box with 93 wins. To date, we have helped secure over $332 million in stable tax revenue per annum for operations and facilities – that is over $1.8 billion over the terms of these various tax measures.

2019 Communities and Committees

SW La Plata County, Colorado
Create a new library taxing district and establish the levy
Win – November 5, 2019

Pine River Library District (CO)
New 1.5 mill levy increase to fund the library
Win – November 5, 2019

Eagle River Library District (CO)
To “De-Gallagher” the library’s levy
Pass – November 5, 2019

Pueblo City-County Library (CO)
Replace expiring levy funding
Win – November 5, 2019

Ruben Hoar Library, Littleton, MA. 
A $13 million for a new library (plus $5.8 in state match)
Win – November 1, 2019

Pend Oreille County Library District (WA)
Restore levy to $0.50 from $0.37 for operations
Win – August 6, 2019

Spokane County Library District (WA)
Increase operating levy by $0.07 cents to $0.50
Win – August 6, 2019

Union Library Company of Hatboro (PA)
Special library tax of .55 mills
Win – May 21, 2019

DeSoto (MO) Public Library
Levy increase of $0.18 cents for operations
Win – April 2, 2019

Palatine (IL) Public Library
Increase on the Library’s property tax levy of 0.075
Win – April 2, 2019

River Grove (IL) Public Library
Bond to purchase the building and property for a new library
Loss – April 2, 2019

Talcott Free Library in Rockton, IL.
Raise its “limiting rate” from .2149 to .288 to complete building renovations and stabilize the budget
Win – April 2, 2019

Charlotte Library (VT)
A $700,000 bond as a component of a $1.4 million renovation/expansion
Win – March 5, 2019

2018 Communities and Committees

Anythink Libraries (CO)
A 2.2 mill increase to the levy ($11.6 million)
Loss – November 6, 2018

Clearview Library District (CO)
2.585 mill levy increase ($23 million) to pay for the construction and operation of a larger, more central library facility
Loss – November 6, 2018

Kansas City (MO) Public Library
An 8-cent increase in the property tax operating levy, the first such request in 22 years
Win – November 6, 2018

Peter White Library (Marquette, MI.)
Chocolay Township; Sands Township; City of Marquette; Marquette Township; Powell Township
Wins in all but Powell Township (4 of 5)  – November 6, 2018

Pine River Library (Bayfield, CO.)
Increase the mill levy from 2.5 to 4.5 mills ($454,185 annually)
Loss – November 6, 2018

Rochester (IL) Public Library District
$3.2 million dollar bond which to expand and renovate the library
Loss – November 6, 2018

Sequim Library, North Olympic (WA) Library System
November 6, 2018
Pass – Prop No. 1 create the Sequim Library Capital Facility Area tax district.
Loss – Prop No. 2 finance the project by approving bonds and tax levies for a $12.4 million expansion project.

Spokane (WA) Public Library
$77 million bond for both dedicate library building projects and joint-use facilities with schools
Win – November 6, 2018

Vineland (NJ) Public Library
Increase the local rate from 3.3 cents to 5 cents per $100 of assessed property valuation.
Loss – November 6, 2018

Ypsilanti (MI) District Library
.7 mills of operating funds for 12 years for operations and construction
Win – November 6, 2018

Oakland, CA
$10 million annually for the city’s libraries for the next 20 years
Win – June 5, 2018

Wallowa County, OR.
To create a Special Library District in the County of Wallowa
Fail – May 15, 2018

Simon Fairfield Public Library, Douglas MA.
A $1.5 million levy lid lift for the town that ensured the library remains open
Win – May 8, 2018

Bucyrus, Ohio
Vote to establish a 0.5 mill dedicated local levy for the library in addition to state aid funding
Win – May 8, 2018

Fayetteville Free Library
Budget increase of 1.89 percent to $1,824,396
Pass – May 15 2018

Ferguson, Missouri
Citywide levy to fund the library with $345,000 in new support for operations, collections, programs, and services
Win – April 3, 2018

Potomac, Illinois
A referendum to establish a new library district and fund the library with a $30,000 annual levy
Win – March 20, 2018

2018 Statewide Ballot Measures for Education and School Libraries

Amendment 73 in Colorado
Fail – November 6, 2018
A73 is a statewide income tax measure that would provide much-needed funding for education in districts across the state. EveryLibrary supported the Colorado Association of Libraries as they campaign across the state.

Question #1 in Utah
Fail – November 6, 2018
Question #1 is a statewide advisory ballot measure to compel the legislature to establish a new gas tax, of which 70% will go to fund education – including school libraries – and 30% to roads and bridges. EveryLibrary supported the Utah Library Association in their statewide outreach

2017 Communities and Committees

Carbondale City Library (KS)
Vote to affirm City Council action to purchase land to build a new library
Pass – December 5, 2017

Booth & Dimock Library, Coventry, CT.
$5.4 million funding to expand historic library building
Loss – November 28, 2017

Moniteau County (MO) Library
1. Establish a new library district; and, 2. vote to establish basic levy funding.
Win – November 8, 2017

Hiawatha (IA) Public Library
$1.7-million bond vote
Win – November 8, 2017

Clearview Library District (CO)
$25-million bond to build a new library
Loss – November 7. 2017

Town of Rochelle Park, N.J.
New municipal library with .3 mills “baseline funding”
Win – November 8, 2017

Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library (PA)
1-mill dedicated levy in 6 municipalities
Partial Pass – 2 of 6 levies – November 8, 2017

Kitsap (WA) Regional Library System
$0.08-cent levy increase ($3.45 million annually)
Win – November 8, 2017

Dallas (TX) Public Library
$11.5 million dollar bond package
Win – November 8, 2017

St. Clairsville (OH) Public Library
establish a new 5-year levy for operating expenses
Win – November 8, 2017

Henrietta (NY) Public Library
$10 million dollar bond
Win – November 8, 2017

Christian County (MO) Library
Reinstate Levy ($0.20 rate) and build new library
Win – August 8, 2017

Ray County (MO) Library
Levy Increase – Vote
Win – April 25, 2017

Spokane (WA) Public Library
Renew dedicated $0.12 cent library levy (2013 vote established the levy)
Win – April 25, 2017

Villa Park (IL) Public Library
$4.7 million dollar library building and remodeling project
Win – April 4, 2017

Scranton Memorial Library (Madison, CT.) 
Library expansion project
Win – February 7, 2017

2016 Communities and Committees

Basalt (CO) Regional Library
$350,000 in new operational funds
Win – November 8, 2016
brookfield-yes-sign-2-nov-2016Brookfield (IL) Public Library
$10.3 million for a new library and operating funds
Loss – November 8, 2016
Crystal Lake (IL) Public Library
$30 million bond for a new library and operating funds
Loss – November 8, 2016
Douglas County (OR) Library
New district library that avoids closure
Loss – November 8, 2016
Dorchester County (SC) Library
$30 million bond 2 new libraries and 1 facilities upgrade
Win – November 8, 2016
Helen Plum Library (IL)
$22 million new library and operating funds
Win – November 8, 2016
vote for 04 216Jasper-Dubois County (IN) Library
$6.2 million new library bond with $1.9 million grant contingent on passage
Win – November 8, 2016
Jeannette (PA) Public Library
$62,893 new operating funds that avoids closure
Win – November 8, 2016
Lone Cone Library (CO)
$4 million for a new library with $1.5 million grant from state contingent on passage
Win – November 8, 2016
Mancos County (CO) Library District
$96,000 new levy for operating funds
Win – November 8, 2016
Meridian (ID) Public Library
$12 million for 2 new libraries (second effort)
Loss – November 8, 2016
yes-mcpl-sign-oct-2016Mid-Continent Public Library (MO)
$12 million in new operating funds and facilities upgrades
Win – November 8, 2016
Missoula Library (MT)
$30 million bond measure for a new library
Win – November 8, 2016
Nevada County (CA) Library
1/4 cent sales tax for new operating funds and facilities upgrades
Win – November 8, 2016
Pacifica (CA) / San Mateo County
$33.5 million property tax for a new library
Loss – November 8, 2016
Parkland Community Library (PA)
$10 million bond out of $14.2 million new library building project
Loss – November 8, 2016
Pleasant Hill (CA) / Contra Costa County Libraries
$4 million, 1/2 cent sales tax for library building and other uses
Win – November 8, 2016
Liberty (NY) Public Library
$1.92 million building bond for expansion and renovation
Win – August 8, 2016

fb_img_1472691181857Kern County (CA) Libraries
1/4 cent sales tax for new operational funding
Loss – June 1, 2016

Oakley (CA) / Contra Costa County Libraries
$12 million bond to build the first stand-alone library in town
Loss – June 1, 2016

Allegan (MI) District Library
$8 million for new library addition and remodeling
Win – August 2, 2016

Herrick District Library (MI)
14-year renewal of basic operating levy
Win – August 2, 2016

Leland Township (MI) Library
$168,000 8-year levy as a new independent district
Win – August 2, 2016

Lyon Township (MI) Library
$8.5 million bond and millage increase for library services from the current $.52 to $1.58
Loss – August 2, 2016

Geneva Public Library (NY)
Annual Budget Vote
Win – May 17, 2016

Yes for Moniteau County Library Sign 16 March 16Moniteau County MO – California Sub-District
$.02 cent levy lift
Win – April 5, 2016

Plainfield Public Library (IL)
$39 million building bond and an operating levy lift
Loss – March 15, 2016

Winter Park Library (FL)
$22 million building project for a new library, civic center, and parking
Win – March 15, 2016

2015 Communities and Committees

Cedar Rapids Public Library (IA)
$1.6 million levy lift
Loss – November 3, 2015

The Cedar Rapids Public Library (IA) lost a $1.6 million levy lift 46% to 54%. We provided extensive tactical support to the staff and board on planning and executing the Informational communications campaign.  We supported the Our Library Our Community Committee as they did extensive door-to-door Get out The Vote work across the community targeting frequent voters, and contributed to their media outreach efforts to the media and through social networks, including a last minute push by Vote No forces in town. This followed our logistical and tactical support in late summer to field a successful petition drive that placed the measure on the ballot. and their GOTV work.


Meridian Library District (ID)Meridian Yes Sign
$12 building bond for 2 new libraries
Loss – November 3, 2015

The Meridian (ID) Library District lost a $12 million building bond for two new libraries in the fastest growing city in the state. A super majority of 66.7% was needed to pass and the measure received 59% yes. We trained their staff on doing effective Info-Only outreach while providing editorial advice on their communications campaign. The YES for Meridian Library committee did extensive door-to-door and social media work to talk to voters, especially at the end of the campaign when they faced significant negative mailings from a yet to be identified anti-tax group. EveryLibrary provided an early donation to help kick off their GOTV efforts and then a late donation to respond to the Vote No messages in the community.


Millbrook Free Library (NY) 
$130,000 levy (414)
Win – November 3, 2015

The Millbrook Free Library in New York won a “414” measure for $130,000 in new, stable annual tax support with 71% of the vote. This is a supplemental levy would fix a structural deficit for the library. We did extensive Plan A / Plan B communications training with their staff and board, and we provided an early “challenge donation” to the Say YES to Millbrook Library committee to support their GOTV efforts and bring in new, small donors as partners in the success of the library, long term.  Our support included consulting on GOTV messaging and tactics.


Eugene Public Library (OR)
$2.7 million/year 5-year special levy
Win – November 3, 2015

The Eugene (OR) Public Library won a special 5-year, $2.7 million levy to provide funding for staff, collections, programs, and services at $3 per household with almost 53% of the vote.  We did in-person training and Plan A / Plan B messaging support for their able staff while providing the Vote Yes for Libraries committee with an early “challenge donation” to help with their fundraising efforts, along with consulting on social media and direct voter engagement techniques around town.


Washington County Cooperative Library System (OR)
$8 million levy renewal
Win – November 3, 2015

The Washington County Cooperative Library System in Oregon won an $8 million levy renewal with a 65% Yes vote (it is about 33% of their funding at a .22 mill rate). We supported their staff early in the Information Only communications process and they engaged throughout the campaign with a wide range of community stakeholder, organizations, and agencies across a diverse geographic service area, and we were happy to endorse the People for Libraries committee in their campaign.


Portage County Library District (OH)Citizens for the Library Button Logo
$2.6 million levy (new)
Loss – November 3, 2015

The Portage County Library District in Ohio was on the ballot for the 8th time in 10 years, attempting to start a new dedicated mill levy in the county for library services.  Currently, the system relies exclusively on state aid to run the entire library system. Unfortunately, the measure lost with 46% yes to 54% no.  This referendum was for $2.6 million new mill levy that would essentially double the operating revenue for the library and promising a dramatic increase in services, collections, and staffing for residents and users. We provided training, coaching and encouragement to their staff for this 8th run at new revenue, helping them to frame the community discussion around Plan A and Plan B, along with advice on the tactics to reach across the county with their message about possible new outcomes if the measure passed.  We also provided the Citizens for the Library committee with seed money for their GOTV efforts along with extensive training and support for a new approach to social media engagement.


YES Kids TractorDarby Public Library (MT)
$30,000 operating levy lift
Win – 15 September 2015

The Darby, MT. library community was on a mail-in ballot September 15th in an effort to permanently expand their tax base by about $30,000 dollars per year.  Passage of the referendum means that library funding will increase by a third. EveryLibrary provided training and coaching to the library staff and board on early ‘path to the ballot’ discussions as well as the content for their Informational communications.  We were an early donor to the Darby Community Library PAC committee and supported their “Vote YES for Darby Library” voter outreach around town, on the web, and through social media with advising and technical assistance.


Spokane County District Library (WA)Vote YES Aug 4
$22 million building bond
Loss – August 4, 2015

The Spokane County (WA) Library District was on the ballot with a 2nd attempt at passing a $22 million bond to remodel or build six library facilities in Spokane Valley and Millbrook. EveryLibrary acted primarily in support of the Libraries Change Lives / Vote YES for Spokane County Libraries committee while providing assistance to the staff with fine-tuning their messaging and approach to community and stakeholder engagement.  For the committee work, we donated $3,ooo to help jump-start their local fundrasing, while providing extensive tactical assistance with the committee’s social media and web strategy.  The measure required a 60% super majority to pass but only received a 57% Yes vote.


New Orleans Public Library (LA)YES_profilephoto
$9.7 million mill levy increase
Win – May 2, 2015

The New Orleans Public Library was on the ballot for the first time since before Hurricane Katrina with a 20 year, $9.7 million per year mill levy increase to fund operations, collections, hours, and staffing for the 14 branch system and complete the re-opening of the 15 post-Katrina location.  EveryLibrary worked for over 15 months with the staff and boards (library, Friends, and Foundation) on planning and executing an effective information communication campaign to residents across the city.  The staff were able to meet with over 2,500 neighborhood and community organizations, agencies, and stakeholder groups as part of their discussions about what passage or failure would mean to New Orleans.  In addition, we provided strategic advising on library measures to the very able local consultant team that helped run the Yes for NOLA Libraries efforts. The measure passed with an overwhelming 75% YES vote.


YES for River East Public LibraryRiver East Public Library (IL)
$59,000 mill levy
Win – April 7, 2015

The River East Public Library in McHenry, IL. was on the ballot for a 3rd attempt at passing a $59,000 levy for operations, collections, and services (about 1/3 of their budget).  The library serves a small area in McHenry County but is a vital and integral resource to their community and adjacent districts.  EveryLibrary was invited to work with the staff and trustees on their Informational communications following their loss in November 2014. We also provided direct funding to the Vote YES for River East Library committee along with pro-bono advising and consulting on GOTV efforts – both traditional and social media – for their district.  We are happy to report a 56% to 44% win.

2014 Communities and Committees

In 2014, we are proud to report supporting 18 campaigns, helping to secure over $31.2 million in stable tax revenue for libraries.  With 14 wins and 4 losses, our 2014 campaign support outpaced 2013’s 5 wins out of 7 total campaigns for a combined $42 million in tax revenue secured for libraries. This work was only possible because of our donors.

Scenic Regional LibraryScenic Regional Library in Gasconade, Franklin, and Warren Counties, MO.
Levy increase from $2.051 million to $4.8 million ($2.8 million)
Win – May 2014

The Scenic Regional Library was on the ballot for the first levy rate increase since 1959.  The library serves 3 counties outside of St. Louis. Their largest population center has split service with another community.  We began our engagement with staff and board leadership there in late 2013 and provided ongoing support to their effective Information Only communications campaign.  We also provided key tactical support including advising, consulting and funding to the Scenic Regional Library PAC committee on GOTV and voter engagement.  All three counties passed the measure.

Monroeville, PA.
New District status and $1 million Levy
Loss – May 2014

EveryLibrary got involved with the Yes to Libraries, Yes to Monroeville committee 11 days before their May 20th election because of significant opposition to the measure by both the local Democrat and Republican leadership in town. We believed it important to support a plan for more stable funding and allow the community to engage in a fair and open discussion about the role a District library could have. Because of the short timeline, our work was limited to providing a sustaining donation to the committee and to tactical consulting on last-mile GOTV. After the measure failed, we worked with the staff and board on planning communications around their 2015 municipal budget.

Sacramento, CA.

$1.9 million dollar parcel tax
Win – June 2014

Voters in the city of Sacramento approved Measure B, a supplemental parcel tax for operations.  EveryLibrary worked closely with the Yes on Measure B committee, particularly with their social media strategy and library-specific campaign messaging.  We also help train and coach the library staff in their Information Only communications campaign across the system, both city and county branches. The entire library advocacy ecosystem in Sacramento was engaged in the success of this Measure, including the Foundation and Friends. They are anticipating a renewal measure in 2016.


South Lake Tahoe, June 5, 2014South Lake Tahoe, CA.
$425,000 parcel Tax
Win – June 2014

South Lake Tahoe is a special Zone of Benefit area within El Dorado County.  EveryLibrary helped the branch staff and leadership scope out an effective and engaging Informational campaign that communicated with education, arts and culture, the business community, and civic groups. Our work there included in-person training and ongoing coaching.  We were also happy to assist the Measure L – Committee for the South Lake Tahoe Library group on their GOTV work, including a donation in support of their outreach.  The committee did an excellent job of voter engagement and are a model for local media outreach.


Georgetown, CA.
$80,000 parcel tax
Win – June 2014

Like South Lake Tahoe, Georgetown’s Measure G was a Zone of Benefit-specific election, and was the smallest funding proposition EveryLibrary worked on, both funding and population, in 2014. The library staff was highly engaged in sharing the value of the library and the role they have as partners with the community for education, business development, personal enrichment, and community engagement.  Our work with the Yes on Measure G committee included a donation along with ongoing strategic support for their local media outreach and early proof of concept for our “Cross Roads, Waiting Rooms, and Bar Stools” strategy for GOTV in small and rural communities.

Save Jax Libraries
Jacksonville, FL.

Advisory referendum concerning district status
Loss – August 2014

EveryLibrary got involved with the Save Jax Libraries committee very late in their campaign in support of an advisory referendum about district status for the Jacksonville – Duval County Library.  With 11 days before election day, EveryLibrary donated $1,000 to the committee for social media advertising in the county, along with providing tactical advice on public engagement on Facebook. While the measure did not pass, we are proud of our ability to help them move from a 40% pre-poll to 49% on Election Day. The library’s budget continues to be under threat by the County Commission.
Yes for KDL - 5 August 14
Kent Library District, MI.
$20.06 million levy renewal
Win – August 2014

In August, Kent District Library asked voters to renew nearly 100% of their operating, collections, and programming funding. EveryLibrary supported the good work of their library administration in planning and executing an effective Information Only campaign. Of particular note was the director’s extensive engagement with local budget watchdog groups well in advance of the ballot. This work, combined with a strategic engagement across education, civic, social, and business stakeholder groups, was a model for opposition engagement. We were happy to help the Yes for KDL committee reorganize and become operational on GOTV work. Our donation to the committee, along with tactical advice and consulting, helped the committee do effective neighbor and voter engagement on social media.

Dewitt Library District, MI.

$646,000 levy
Win – August 2014

DeWitt District Library faced a must-pass renewal of their operating levy after a defeat in 2013. EveryLibrary worked with the staff and leadership of the library to reframe their Plan A and Plan B informational campaign to distinguish it from the earlier, failed measure. The library team did an excellent job of community outreach in advance of the campaign providing a foundation for another community conversation about expanding library funding while securing the basic funding needed to serve the community at this election.


Clinton and Macomb Townships, MI.
$1.9 million levy lift
Win – August 2014

EveryLibrary began work with the staff and leadership at the Clinton Macomb Public Library in Fall 2013. The Information Only plan that senior staff developed was a model for thoroughness and the staff was ready for training on community outreach in support of their Plan A and Plan B communications. EveryLibrary was proud to work with the Say Yes to CMPL committee, providing a sustaining donation to their GOTV work in the community and on social media. We provided ongoing guidance on campaign tactics during committee transitions which provided continuity on the road to a successful Election Day.

ESPL YES Sign with DogAcocmack County (Eastern Shore), VA.
$3.5 million bond authority for new main library
Loss – November 2014

We worked with staff and the board on Information-Only communications while providing extensive advising and a contribution to the Vote YES for Eastern Shore Public Library committee. ESPL was forced onto the ballot by their county commission in August 2014.  The library leadership had a building plan that would require a $6 million bond, but the commission said “no, you get $3.5 million and good luck”.  EveryLibrary supported this campaign to help the community engage in a more substantive dialog about the future of library services.  With 47% of the vote, we believe that we helped advance the discussion.

Northvale YES Sign
Northvale, NJ.

New municipal library at .3 mils ($320,000 per year levy)
Win – November 2014

We supported the Northvale Residents for a New Municipal Library committee as this group of residents worked to set up a new municipal library.  Their town’s association library closed in 2009.  Our work was with the committee only (there was no library and therefore no staff or board) and included an in-person consulting and advising.

Pomona, CA.

Measure PPL to reestablish public funding for 10 years
Loss – November 2014

EveryLibrary began working with Save Our Pomona Public Library committee (SOPPL) in late 2013 following the loss of Measure X funding there in 2012.  Our work with the ballot committee included extensive advising and consulting on their plan for voter engagement, coalition building, and fundraising.  We provided a significant donation to the committee to use as a local fundraising challenge, which they met and exceeded.  The Measure was unfortunately opposed by the California Association of Realtors and lost.  We are continuing to support the committee as they plan and evaluate next steps.

Libraries Matter Logo KOLO
Josephine County, OR.
$990,000 levy and new district authority
Loss – November 2014

Our work with the Keep Our Libraries Open committee (KOLO) in Josephine County began with supporting their spring 2014 petition drive to place a citizen initiative for library funding and district authority on the ballot. By May 2014, they had exceeded the number of valid signatures and we began working with Josephine Community Library staff in early 2014 to anticipate their Information Only campaign. EveryLibrary continued to consult with KOLO on social media, opposition engagement, voter data, and other GOTV strategy.  Unfortunately, the measure lost with 47% of the vote. A previous attempt only garnered 40%.  We look forward to supporting the JCL community as they plan for a future measure.


Cranston, RI.
$1.2 million remodeling bond
Win – November 2014

In Rhode Island, building Bonds need to first pass the state Legislature and be signed by the governor. After these steps were completed, EveryLibrary supported the staff and leadership of the Cranston Public Library as they built a very effective Information Only campaign to about the library’s plans for remodeling and renovations should their Bond pass.  Our work included all-staff training and ongoing discussions on ways to best integrate Info-Only communications into regular community outreach and patron engagement.
Park Ridge Comm Yard Sign


Park Ridge, IL.
4-year $550,000 levy increase
Win – November 2014

EveryLibrary was proud to work with the library staff in Park Ridge to help plan a highly effective Information Only campaign.  We worked with the board on several occasions to help them recognize and activate their own role in the campaign as well.  Our work with the Citizens for Park Ridge Public Library committee began with their convening and quickly moved into advising them on a tactical plan for local Get Out the Vote work, especially on social media. Passage ensure more stable funding for the library and supplements cuts made over the past 8 years by City Council.

Paulding County, OH.

$490,000 annual operating levy renewal
Win – November 2014

The Paulding County Library levy was a “must-pass” renewal.  EveryLibrary was happy to work with their competent and engaged staff leadership on their plans for Informational outreach and communications around the County.  We provided extensive support including advising and funding to the PCCL Levy Committee (Vote4PCCL) as they campaigned in the community.  The results were tight with a 26 vote margin triggering an automatic recount.  In the end, the levy renewal prevailed after 2 prior losses.

NDL Sign
Northville, MI.

4-year $440,000 levy renewal
Win – November 2014

EveryLibrary was proud to provide tactical support and funding to the Committee to Support the Northville District Library Millage Renewal (YES to NDL) as they campaigned for their library’s levy renewal.  We were able to provide ongoing advising to their team on voter engagement in town and online.  Our work with their staff and leadership included early 2014 training on their Information Only roles and opportunities.  They were a model for effective stakeholder engagement about the library plan.



2013 Communities and Campaigns

EveryLibrary launched in September 2012 and by December, we were focusing on 2013 campaigns.  Our first year goal was to provide direct support to at least five local ballot committees and communities. EveryLibrary worked with several types of ballot measure committees including funding renewals, special appropriations, a construction bond, and new district authority. Through 2013, we supported seven campaign committees through a combination of financial resources, campaign consultancy, and technical assistance.


Yard signs from the Yes for Spokane Libraries campaign in support of Prop 3 on 12 February 13

Spokane, WA.
$1.6 million special levy
Win – February 2013

Backed a $1.6mil special levy for the Spokane (WA) Public Library through the “Say Yes for Spokane Libraries” committee by providing $4,000 in funding for phone banking and direct mail along with consultancy on messaging and script.  Won with 66% of the vote on February 7th, 2013.

Shorewood and Troy Townships, IL.

$28 million construction bond
Loss – April 2013

Backed a $28mil construction bond for Shorewood-Troy (IL) Public Library through the “Citizens for a New Shorewood-Troy Library” committee with campaign consultancy on message development and opposition research along with direct in-person training on canvassing and GOTV work.  This measure lost on an April 9th, 2013 consolidated ballot.

Ronan Library District - Vote Yes
Ronan, MT.
$250,000 levy and district authority
Win – May 2013

Backed a $250,000 district authority / levy for the Ronan (MT) City Library through the “Community Members for a New Ronan Library District” committee with $1,000 in direct support, campaign consultancy, and training to emancipate the library as an independent district and secure stable property tax funding for operations and collections.  This measure passed 854 to 453 on a May 7th, 2013 ballot.


Santa Clara County, CA.
$6.2 million parcel tax
Win – August 2013

Backed a $6.2mil parcel tax (Measure A) for the Santa Clara County (CA) District Library through the “Save Our Libraries 2013 – Vote YES on Measure A” committee with a direct donation and strategic consulting on social media outreach to win with 82% of the vote on an August 27th, 2013 ballot.

Yes for Cornelius Library logo
Cornelius, OR.

$2.6 million bond
Loss – November 2013

Backed a $2.6mil bond for the Cornelius (OR) Public Library through “Yes for Cornelius Library” committee with a direct donation and technical consulting on voter data segmentation.  The measure lost 42% to 58% on a November 5th, 2013 ballot.

Lafourche, LA.
Levy Amendment / Reallocation
Won by Defeating the Amended Levy – November 2013

Messaged in Lafourche Parish (LA) in support of the library in the face of significant disinformation about a measure which would have defunded the library millage and re-dedicate that funding to build a jail for a November 16th ballot.  Our pro-library advertising support reached over 100,000 impressions in the last 48 hours before polls closed.  The measure was defeated.

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