See How Your Donations Helped us Support Potomac Library.

In 2018 we were able to provide pro-bono consulting services to help the Potomac Library in Illinois win just $30,000 on election day that helped them keep their library open.

We help libraries win elections. Every one of them matters. Some, like the new library district we helped create in Potomac, IL. in 2018 really matter to the community. We can't do it without your donations.

And, if you're wondering about the impact of your donations on libraries and the communities that they serve, let us share this note from the Potomac Library Board of Trustees.


All our work is pro-bono for libraries and powered by our donors. If you believe - as we do - that this is important, please donate today.

The library in this town serves just 646 people but it was set to close without passing this new district measure. Thanks to your donations, we were able to support this small library with a $30,000 win on election day.

"During this season of gratitude we are counting all of our blessings and reflecting on the supporters who made our success possible. Our little library has come a long way in the past two years and would not still be in business were it not for you and the support of EveryLibrary. We are so grateful for your guidance as we approached our district referendum last year. Fort the first time in decades, the library is in solid financial ground and becoming the shining jewel it was meant to be in our community and for that we owe you a great debt."

$30,000 doesn't sound like much, but EveryLibrary takes every campaign seriously. From a $77 million dollar win in Spokane to a $30,000 win in Potomac, we're involved with small towns, big cities, and sprawling counties in red and blue states. Because of our donors, we are able to provide all of our campaign services and support pro-bono and at no charge to each and every library we work with. This allows us to bring our skills and experience to each unique and distinct place in a way that is relevant to them and not driven by a profit motive for us. It also allows us to bundle up donations from across the country and provide seed or sustaining money to local Vote Yes campaigns. As trainers, coaches, and guides, EveryLibrary staff time and experience is the key deliverable. Our donors make that focused engagement possible.

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