Campaign Testimonials

EveryLibrary has worked with over 100 library campaigns and elections. Read what they have to say!

As always, all the support that EveryLibrary provided to these campaigns was provided at no cost to the local libraries or the ballot committees! We are proud that we can provide pro-bono support for libraries who are working to better serve their communities through renewed or increased funding.

That's why we launched Libraries 2020 to help us build the resources that libraries need to keep their doors open. You have an opportunity to join us making a donation here!

Your contributions go to support 4 critical activities that ensure that libraries will be funded well into the future.

  1. Help us make direct contributions to local library campaigns and elections
  2. Allow us to provide pro-bono tools and resources to libraries for political initiatives
  3. Support or oppose legislation that impact libraries’ ability to serve their communities
  4. Conduct national voter education about the importance and impact of libraries through television, radio, print, and digital media

Your donations allow us to provide all of this at no cost to the libraries and library organizations that we work with. But, you don't have to take our word for it! Just check out what our campaigns say about working with us.

“Researching the nuts and bolts of how the ballot works was relatively easy, but support from EveryLibrary was critical to devising a winning campaign strategy. They provided support and guidance every step of the way, from logistics to software to moral support. The seasoned professionals at EveryLibrary were especially helpful to us as first-time campaigners in deciding where to allot our limited resources.”
– Hatboro Yes Committee 
Union Library Company of Hatboro (PA) – May 2019 library tax win

The guidance EveryLibrary provided to staff and trustees on Information Only Campaigns, messaging, and the process was invaluable to us. All the more so because it was provided pro-bono. Their personal engagement helped allay fears and reassure us along the way, too. Thanks to EveryLibrary you for the great work you do for libraries.
– Jeannie Dilger, Executive Director, Palatine (IL) Public Library District – April 2019 referendum win

“I can’t express enough how grateful I am on behalf of the patrons, staff, and trustees of the Simon Fairfield Public Library for EveryLibrary’s assistance and their donation. We had 6 weeks to do what everyone said was impossible, and it came down to a mere 12 votes. Without their guidance on this, there is no doubt in my mind it would have failed.”
– Justin Ray Snook, Director, Simon Fairfield Public Library in Douglas, MA. – May 2018 town lift win

“EveryLibrary provided us with training that helped us develop messages about our new building proposal and understand how to most effectively prioritize our efforts to get those messages out into our community. The team effort resulted in our library’s story having a strong presence during the campaign and a 62% favorable vote on Election Day, and those strategies we learned through the campaign are continuing to serve us well as we seek to keep our community informed as we finish planning and begin building our new library. We are so grateful for the passion and dedication EveryLibrary brings to their work.”
Adrienne Furness, Director, Henrietta (NY) Public Library – November 2017 building bond win

EveryLibrary helped guide our staff, the board and especially me, as the library director, through a difficult campaign and enabled us to run an energized, informative and well-organized campaign through best practices, sage advice and a little hand-holding. They also kickstarted our fundraising drive for the Campaign Committee with a generous donation, which we were able to build upon to get the donations we needed from local developers, citizens and organizations to purchase the yard signs, mailings and marketing pieces we needed to sufficiently get the word out to the community.
– Hollie Teasdale, Lyons Township (MI) – August 2016 levy loss

“EveryLibrary provided our staff, managers, board and my marketing department with training to guide our informational campaign. EveryLibrary also provided training and ongoing support to a new citizen’s group in our community that raised tens of thousands of dollars to fund a separate persuasive campaign. It was priceless to have support from EveryLibrary on both campaigns so that staff members never felt they were crossing a line with our informational campaign in order to liaise with the community group. EveryLibrary played that role for us, and more – with excellence – for free. I can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough for their support.”
– Sara DeVries, Community Relations Manager, Herrick District Library (Holland, MI) – August 2016 levy win

“Since the inception of our campaign in the fall of 2015, Every library has provided critical support both financially and with information to help us make this campaign successful. There have been some unusual challenges along the way but you have provided us an excellent road map to keep us moving forward and staying on course. It was always reassuring to draw on your experience from other communities when we changed directions in the campaign. We appreciate the time you spent with the committee on the phone and through emails in planning the campaign and sharing your technical expertise.”
Bill Boies, Chair of the Vote Yes Committee for Moniteau County Libraries – April 2016 levy win

“On behalf of the Millbrook Library Board of Trustees and Staff, thank you for the support and guidance you provided US during the 414 campaign. Having no prior experience with the 414 process, we relied heavily on the advice you provided. Your insights expertise were invaluable as we navigated this process.  We are so pleased by the outcome, particularly, that we received almost 71% of the vote! The library board and staff look forward to continuing our mission of providing our community with a vibrant, life-long learning center. Thank you for your assistance in making that happen!”
Margot Peter, Treasurer, and Kerry Weller, President, Board of Trustees, The Millbrook Library  – August 2015 budget vote win

“With the guidance provided by EveryLibrary, the Coalition to Save Our Libraries in Miami-Dade County was born, resulting in a grassroots effort that ended four years of consecutive and crippling budget reductions; closed a $30 million budget shortfall; prevented further layoffs; provided a slight funding increase for new materials, programs, technology upgrades and expanded operating hours at some locations; and created a solid foundation upon which to build.  Without the support of EveryLibrary, none of this would have been possible.  Thank you for the assistance, direction, and input you provided during our advocacy efforts to support the Miami-Dade County Public Library System.”
John Quick, President (2013-2014), Friends of the Miami-Dade County Libraries – Co-Chair of Coalition to Save Our Libraries

“Your early donation was extremely important.  It not only provided us with important seed money but also set an example of supporting the measure in our communities.  EveryLibrary’s phone calls and emails throughout the campaign were very helpful, and I always knew you were quickly available to answer the numerous questions I had.  As a result of the choice [EveryLibrary] made to support us with advice and money, and the support of so many people and voters, South Lake Tahoe is now assured of a fully staffed, high quality public library open five days a week.”
Kay Henderson, Chair, Committee for the South Lake Tahoe Library – Measure L (CA) June 5, 2014, $425,000 Parcel Tax

“When I heard about our library bond measure I immediately thought of EveryLibrary. You helped us tell our story the right way. The knowledge, confidence and structure EveryLibrary provided was a big part of our campaign’s success.”
Ed Garcia, Director, Cranston (RI) Public Library, November 8th, 2014 – $1.2 million remodeling Bond

“Thanks to EveryLibrary’s generous donation, Yes to Libraries, Yes to Monroeville had the opportunity to amplify the story of the Monroeville Public Library. The donation enabled the committee to peel back the community’s misconception of libraries being obsolete. Although, the overall outcome was not in our favor, I believe a new conversation emerged of how much the Monroeville Public Library provides to its community through its wealth of programs, book selection, and knowledgeable staff. The EveryLibrary donation helped breathe new life into our voter conversations, during a time when our initiative needed it most. We are so grateful for EveryLibrary’s dedication to the Monroeville Public Library and libraries across our nation.”
 Terrina Gogue, Campaign Manager, Yes to Monroeville. May 25th, 2014.

“I am so unbelievably grateful for the help and support I was given by EveryLibrary. They got the word out at such a crucial point in the election, which is why our fight went national and then international.”
–  Laura Sanders, Director, Lafourche Parish (LA) Public Library system. November 17, 2013 measure to defund part of the library millage

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