We Rallied for School Libraries in PA

The loss of librarians in Philadelphia’s Public School System has reached a point of crisis.

Libraries have changed considerably in the last 20 years. But even with the internet, our children still need access to the libraries and specially trained librarians.

That’s because if we want our children to learn to love to read and also understand how to navigate the internet, then they need someone to guide them and librarians are perfectly equipped to help because professional librarians have master’s degrees in information science. In fact, many studies show that students in low-income areas fare far better if they have access to adequately stocked and staffed school libraries for just these reasons.

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The loss of librarians in Philadelphia’s Public School System has reached a point of crisis. Philadelphia schools once employed certified librarians in almost all of its 200-plus schools. Today fewer than 10 certified librarians are on the district payroll, with about a dozen more schools able to keep libraries open at least part-time with volunteer staff.

That’s why we rallied hundreds of library supporters on the steps of the School District of Philadelphia and called on elected officials to improve school library programs for students by ensuring a certified school librarian in every Pennsylvania public school.

We need your help to keep fighting for school librarians and you can do that in two ways:

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None of our work can get done without your support and support from people like you. Please take action today to ensure that our children get the education that they deserve.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney
Political Director

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